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Goa Hostel Mei Phir Golmaal-Shot In Goa
Movie Summary: If you have seen Goa Hostel Mei Golmaal then you know what to expect from this movie. John told his friend Vikram that he banged this amazing chick Priya and had his intimate moments taped. Surprisingly priya has got a new roommate Manisha who has just joined the university. Manisha is a very shy babe and doesn't know what goes on in the hostel rooms. One day John and Priya met up and they decided to Hook up Vikram and Manisha. Manisha was very shy when she met Vikram, but slowly as she got to know him she got more comfortable with him. One evening Vikram invited manisha over to his room and little that she know that Vikram was getting ready to fuck her. When manisha came to the room they both had a cup of coffee and after sometime Vikram started kissing her and pushed her towards his sofa. He started playing with her tits and she got really horny. Manisha tried her best to resist as she was very shy to be doing this, Vikram just didn't stop and started undressing her. After a while manisha just decided to give up as she knew there was no way out of this and she was getting all horny also. Vikram undressed her salwar and had a massive foreplay session with her. He sucked her desi boobs really hard and after a while banged her on the floor in many different positions. He was amazed at how horny manisha got. What they didn't know was someone got the tape in which they had all this action. Total Movie Length:  33 Mins
Screen Shots From Goa Hostel Mei Phir Golmaal-Shot In Goa - Total Movie Length 33 Mins
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