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Goa Lovers Romance Online "Poonam"
Movie Summary: Vikram is an NRI who is born and brought up in USA. Recently he made friends online with Poonam who lives in Goa. Vikram had never dated a Desi girl in his life and he was very excited when he met poonam online. They both were getting along very well and after a few months of chatting Vikram decided to visit India especially to meet Poonam. Poonam is a Traditional shy desi girl and she really like Vikram alot.So when Vikram finally arrived in Goa he met Poonam and he was just stunned at her Desi looks. They both had intimate conversation after which he invited Poonam to his hotel room. At first Poonam was a bit show but since she liked him so much she decided to go along. Poonam was wearing a traditional Indian Saree and was looking very cute. As soon as they got in the room Vikram saw a few messages on his laptop from his friends back home. All his friends were very curious to see poonam. Vikram is a very open Desi guy and he asked Poonam if she would be a little naughty. Poonam was really shy in the beginning but since she couldn't see anyone other than Vikram she didn't say anything. Vikram put his webcam on and started kissing Poonam and playing with her/His friends were really in shock when they saw how cute Poonam is. After some foreplay Vikram undressed Poonam's petticoat and started playing with her Juicy Desi boobs. Poonam has really amazing boobs and Vikram was really enjoying play with and sucking on them. After sometime Vikram pulled Poonam's Saree and pulled off her panties and started playing with her Hot Desi Pussy. This is a exclusive movie from Vikram so make sure you check it out! Total Movie Length:  12 Mins
Screen Shots From Goa Lovers Romance Online "Poonam" - Total Movie Length 12 Mins
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