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Afgani Housewife Gulnar's Sexual Experience
Movie Summary: Gulnar is a hot afgani housewife who recently travelled to UK for a holiday. She went to visit her relatives and needed a break as she wasn't too happy with her husband. During her visit Gulnar met Tom who's a porn movie producer. Tom told gulnar about his job but gulnar seemed disinterested in starring in porn movies, however she liked tom alot and she was willing to do a traditional dance which he could videotape and use. One afternoon tom called gulnar to his apartment and had some intimate conversation with her. After a bit he took her to his bedroom and started videotaping her. Gulnar started doing a hot Arabic dance and from her facial expressions it seemed that she was very hungry for sex. Tom wasted no time and started dancing with gulnar. Tom started smooching gulnar very passionately and felt her entire body. He removed her top and got her naked. Tom had never seen such a sexy body in his life before. Gulnar removed toms jeans and started sucking his cock really hard. Tom was really having a great time. After gulnar sucked toms cock tom sucked on her boobs and put his huge dick into gulnar's tight pussy. Tom started fucking gulnar really hard and her pussy became really wet. Tom fucked gulnar in every possible position and made her scream in pleasure. It looked like gulnar had not had sex in a very longtime. You must download this movie to see how this sex starved housewife has fun fucking with a porn movie producer. Its a very rare movie. Total Movie Length:  23 Minutes 17 Seconds.
Screen Shots From Afgani Housewife Gulnar's Sexual Experience - Total Movie Length 23 Minutes 17 Seconds.
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