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Garam Gharwali Poonam Ki Chuddai-Shot In Madras
Movie Summary: Poonam is a typical South Indian housewife who's very adventurous and always likes to spice up her love life with new experiences. Most of the times she's at home watching romantic movies while her husband is away on business. Recently she hired a new guy Gopal to work in her house since there's was a lot of work and she was too lazy to do it. Poonam got along very well with Gopal and she used to spen time chatting with him and always teasing him. One evening she asked Gopal "Movie Dekhna Hai Kya"?..Gopal asked her "Kaunsi Movie?" and she replied "Wo Wali".. Gopal was very excited and said "Chalo Dekhe".. Poonam put on a XXX Movie and Gopal got really excited and his Lund was up in no time. Poonam smiled and told him "Aap pant Utar Do"..Gopal said "Aap to Bhaut sexy ho,aakpe boobs ko chusne mei bhaut maja ayega".. After that Gopal started Kissing Poonam very passionately and sucked on her juicy boobs. He started removing all her clothes one by one and got her really horny. Poonam got really horny while Gopal was licking all over her body and start sucking on her Shaved Chut. Later she unzipped Gopal's pants and started playing with his hard desi Lund. After That she told Gopal "Aapna Bada Lund Meri Chut Mei Dalo"..Gopal was so excited and put his lund in Poonam's tight Desi Chut and made her scream in pleasure. They both Fucked each other in many positions and Gopal was having the best day of his Life. A Must see For those who Love South Housewives, you guys are gonna love this one. Total Movie Length:  28 Mins
Screen Shots From Garam Gharwali Poonam Ki Chuddai-Shot In Madras - Total Movie Length 28 Mins
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