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Dubai Shop Sex Scandal
Movie Summary: Amjad is businessman in Dubai who's always on the look for desi babes. He has a fantasy of fucking desi babes. Recently when he was shopping for clothes he met neelam who was working as a sales manager at the shop. Neelam is a desi amateur who's been living in Dubai for a few years now. Neelam's a really hot desi babe and she's fluent in Arabic also. Amjad can barely speak any Hindi and he was really impressed with neelam's personality and the fact that she could speak Arabic really turned him on. Amjad asked neelam if she would give him some advice on men's clothing. Neelam took his mobile number and told him that she would call him in her free time. Many days passed and amjad had not heard from neelam. Amjad sent some flowers to the shop where neelam was working. As soon as neelam got the flowers she called amjad to visit the shop as she was working all by herself there. As soon as amjad arrived at the shop neelam took him to the warehouse of the shop. Neelam told amjad that he was the first man who ever gave her flowers and she was really touched. Neelam started playing with amjad and they both got really passionate with each other. When neelam got undressed amjad was amazed at neelam's fantastic body and he was having a great time sucking on her hot desi boobs. Later amjad fucked neelam on the floor in doggie style and made her scream in pleasure. To witness what happens in this warehouse you must see this Classic Desi XXX movie. Its a must see for desi sex scandals lovers. Total Movie Length:  15 Mins
Screen Shots From Dubai Shop Sex Scandal - Total Movie Length 15 Mins
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